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Geo-targeting technology allows us to identify smartphones in real-time when they arrive at or depart from any airport in the world. Whereas airport billboards are expensive and often go unnoticed, every passenger uses their phone multiple times during their trip, giving you a great opportunity to actually grab their attention.

FRESH Media's capabilities extend beyond the airport perimeter. Having identified the right people by their location and profile data, you can continue to message them for as long as you like.



at the airport

If we aren't dealing with our bags, tickets or security, we are a heads-in-phones society now, and at an airport where we are checking our flight, gate information or reviews on where to eat, it feels like the problem is worse.

When someone crosses a virtual perimeter fence and enters the airport, we can start tracking and targeting their device, showing ads to them on the screen they actually look at, and before they even enter the building.


Location + profile data

Knowing someone is in an airport is a great start, but to narrow the focus further, their device is matched against an ongoing live profile of information we know about that person based on 3rd party demographic data, their internet browsing patterns and previous locations. You only pay when your ad is shown to people who are best matched to your business!

airport image location.png

after the airport, in location

Having successfully identified the right consumers, why stop messaging them when they leave the airport? FRESH will keep them tagged for you, revisiting them wherever they move to for as long as is relevant. And because we know their previous locations, we can separate visitors from locals.


Frequent fliers

The road warrior segment offers high value for airline and hotel branded credit card companies, luggage brands, insurance, and for emerging services such as on the road concierge. We keep an active database of the frequent fliers of the world meaning you can tap into this segment immediately, without having to wait to build up your own audience pool.


Tourism & Hospitality

As fans of rollercoasters, this might be one of our favorite uses of local mobile advertising! 70% of everyone who travels through the world's major airports are doing so for pleasure and tourism. Having identified visitors to an airport we overlap the data with visitors to tourist destinations. Visitors to the zoo will likely go to a museum, just as visitors to a water park will likely go to an amusement park.


passengers versus employees

Not everyone who enters an airport is a passenger - at London's Heathrow for example, there are on average 206,800 passengers every day, but also 10,000 members of staff!

Being able to identify that 30% of all passengers are traveling for business and 70% for leisure is great, but we also use location behaviors to eliminate the devices that could represent wasted ad spend.


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