What We Do

Data-driven digital advertising

FRESH offers fully managed digital marketing campaigns for agencies and brands.

We are platform agnostic. We founded companies (Chango [Rubicon Project] and Dstillery) that built some of the best platforms in the industry, and frequently use those for our campaigns. We also use other leading platforms, such as The Trade Desk, when they suit our clients needs better.

If there is a type of targeting that exists today, FRESH can setup and manage a campaign for your business. If you are familiar with what digital targeting can offer then check out some of the most common campaign types we run below.

Or if this is all a bit new to you and you don't know where to start, we suggest our post "Where To Begin With Digital Advertising".

Local / geo-targeting / Mobile

Target individuals where they are right now, or where they have been. Build profiles of people based on their movements and the places they frequent.

site retargeting

Target your visitors after they leave your site - sounds simple, but whether you are doing retargeting already, or thinking about doing it, check out our article "The Truths About Retargeting".

Access the big platforms

FRESH has engaged with the major platforms, including Dstillery and The Trade Desk so that you don't have to. We operate these tools on your behalf on a campaign basis, meaning you can avoid the large, recurring platform fees.

programmatic Video

Video has quickly become the most in demand digital inventory because it has the biggest impact on consumers, and the highest engagement rates. When combined with accurate targeting, programatic video is unstoppable.

cross device

Finding your idea audience takes time and money, so once you have them, why would you on talk to them some of the time? Using cross-device capabilites, you can now follow them from their mobile to the desktop, their tablet to their home, etc..

paid Social campaigns

The FRESH Media team can setup or take over your social media campaigns and provide ongoing optimization and reporting for a reasonable management fee.

Contextual targeting

Perhaps one of the simplest forms of targeting when used correctly, find your audience by targeting the sites that are relevant to your business or product.

CRM targeting

Invested money building a list of prospects or customers? Connect your data safely to one of our platform partners and we can increase your revenue per person with smart engagements.

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