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Generate Additional Revenue

We are the technology and service company that generates revenue for partners, including newspaper groups, radio stations, direct mailers and other companies already offering local advertising.

If you are currently selling small business or local advertising to clients, FRESH Media can add all types of digital targeting capabilities on a white-label basis to your offering. We help you package digital that's best for your customer base and then execute the campaigns on a fully managed basis.

How it works

FRESH first consults with you to understand what advertising opportunities will best match your customer base, and then helps you position this with marketing materials and stories. 

You roll out your new, white-labelled offering to your customers as a standalone solution or an additive to something else. Our operations team will show you what information we need, and will launch each campaign. On a regular basis we will provide your customer with reporting, or pass it to you to package with other reports you are sending them.

FRESH handles the work, and gives partners a generous revenue share.


With access to all types of targeting platforms and data, the important question is what type of targeting from FRESH will work best with your existing basis.

  • Programmatic video used to be reserved for big brands with big budgets. Today video is used by all sizes of business to build awareness, launch products or communicate a story.
  • Customer acquisition - help your clients get new customers across device types
  • Local Mobile is the sweet spot for most businesses. You can now offer them the ability to communicate to qualified individuals on their mobile devices when they are in a specific location.
  • Behavioral - using past browser or conversion data, or even past location data
  • Your own data can be imported and used for targeting and retargeting

Why Get FRESH?

  • We make generating additional revenue simple
  • Access to multiple, world-leading platforms
  • A strong history of pioneering brand safety standards
  • Flexible budgets for you and your clients
  • Deep insight into the advertising technology stack, meaning more ads and less intermediary fees
  • Transparent or white-labelled servive

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