Local Mobile Advertising



The Perfect Combination

Grow your business by reaching qualified, local customers on their mobile devices, in real-time. Local mobile targeting has become the most effective way for businesses to find new customers.

(If you work in the real estate industry, switch over to our dedicated site, LoMo, to learn more about specialist targeting)

LoMo is built by two advertising technology executives that helped create the mobile advertising and localized targeting industry.

LoMo uses the same platforms and tools that brands like Walmart, Hilton, McDonalds, Williams Sonoma and Verizon use.

There are 5 key ways your business can win customers:

  • Live Geo-Targeting - when someone enters the DMA, town or state you define, your ads are shown to them live.
  • Radius Targeting - build a virtual radius around your business locations and show ads immediately when someone enters that area.
  • Behavioral Targeting - find people who have previously visited specific places, such as your local airport, tourist destinations etc..
  • Competitor Conquesting - target individuals who are in, or have visited, your competitors locations!
  • Audience Segments - based on a decade of data collection, target people who are perfect for your business, such as movers, moms or frequent travelers.