Why Customer Behavior is Key for Location Based Advertising

Location based advertising is really transforming the way brands speak to their audience. Having the ability to tap into people’s geographical location and understand their behavioral habits is a really powerful tool when getting a message across.

However, if businesses fail to understand their audience’s behavior, then investing in this type of advertising could be pretty pointless. You want the right people to be receiving these tailored ads — not just anyone. It isn’t hard to work out the behavioral traits of your consumers, it just takes some mapping to ensure your ads are being received by the right people.

Here’s a few pointers to show why understanding customer behavior is crucial for location based advertising.

1. Spamming doesn’t work

As this form of advertising is very direct with the ability to send actual notifications to users’ smartphones, you really need to be accurate with your approach. There’s no point sending a push notification to everyone that enters the mall where your store is based. Yes, you are targeting people within the radius of your business but if a 15 year old girl receives a push notification about offers at your golf store, chances are she’ll ignore it or, worse still, block them. This then becomes a pointless exercise. Instead, take time to map out who you are trying to target. Think about age, gender and how many times they usually visit that location. This will help avoid capturing the wrong people.

2. Give your customers the control

Sending out push notifications can be a really effective way of connecting with your target audience. However, as we all know, receiving them from aps or brands we have no interest in can be really annoying. It is important in this case to be a real brand ambassador and think about who would benefit from them, why would this be useful information to the person you are targeting? Then give them the ability to opt in or out — chances are, if they find your service useful, they’ll opt in.

3. Think quality over quantity

Don’t be that brand that fires out four ads a day — it may seem obvious but businesses can become a bit overzealous with their attempts to capture new customers — this won’t end well. Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and think about how you would like to be approached. Make sure there is a purpose for everything you send out and that way you’ll keep people engaged. Just think — the more you learn about your customers’ desires the easier it will become to target them.

4. Stay in tune with your customers

Think about their work habits — where they like to eat, how they spend their free time. This will help you to gain a good understanding of how and when they want to receive your ads.

You could have run a really successful campaign by targeting passers by with offers for your new bar, which is a great way to let people know you’re there and introduce them to a new place. However, sticking with this one tactic will grow old if used too much. Passers by don’t want to be hit with an ad every time they walk past — it will become an annoyance and frankly look a bit desperate. So, instead, think about your customer journey and how they interact with your product or service. Map out each stage of this and it will help you stay in tune with what your customers want.

Dax Hamman