The Dirty Truths About Retargeting

Retargeting is the process of showing ads to people who have visited your site before. Many companies offer forms of retargeting, and the chances are, they all do a decent job. We are big fans of businesses doing retargeting BUT we also want to caution you against falling into the bad traps that most companies use.

The most common problem is over targeting. I am sure you have personally experienced visiting a site, perhaps even making a purchase, and then being followed for weeks or even months by that site. Do you know that retargeting companies do this to burn impressions and generate more money for themselves?

The technology to know when someone has made a purchase has existed since retargeting began, and allows us to STOP retargeting someone less than a single second after that purchase happened! There is no good reason why you should be over targeting consumers. It is bad for your business and it annoys the consumer.

Listen to one of our founders, Dax Hamman, talk about the problems of retargeting...


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Dax Hamman