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About Us

FRESH Media believes that digital advertising should not hard or complicated. Dax and Andrew spent years building $100m+ hyper-successful advertising technology companies and have probably seen it all. Between us we have helped make thousands of brands successful including Hilton, Willams Sonoma, Marks & Spencer, Verizon, American Airlines, eBay, Google and Vodafone. 

Many of these global brands have benefitted from having access to huge technology platforms that the smaller marketer simply can't afford to use, or don't know exist. They use data sources that provide incredible and consistent results, but that cost $100k+ per month just to access.

We democratize these tools by working with them directly, and building campaigns on your behalf. 

FRESH Media also operates the FRESH Trading Desk, which trades digital media with brands, networks and agencies, and also LoMo, a specialist company that brings the best performing local mobile advertising to the real estate market.


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At FRESH we know that technology is important, but people make the real difference. Say Hi, we always enjoy talking about opportunities.


Some of our people


Dax Hamman :: Partner

Proven entrepreneurial business and sales leader, marketer and co-founder of 3 awesome daughters. Most recently, co-founded Chango, a highly successful ad tech company, sold to Rubicon Project. 15+ practical years in the digital space with experience in just about everything digital. Learn more on



Andrew Pancer :: Partner

Andrew was the founding COO of Dstillery where he led the platform, digital intelligence, technical services, account management, operations and finance arms of the company from its launch in 2008 to May 2017. Before joining Dstillery, Andrew was Vice President of Digital Development at The New York Times, where he oversaw digital development initiatives including digital strategy, M&A activities for digital operations and integrating new acquisitions. Prior to The New York Times Andrew was the COO and CFO of